Anti Phone Theft Alarm - Free Phone Security - Application

Anti Phone Theft Alarm - Free Phone Security

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Updated September 11, 2018
Version 2.7.0
APK Size 3.3M
Requires 4.2 and up
Installs 1,000,000+

Anti Theft is a security utility app that will give you peace of mind while charging your device in public areas. Anti-Theft will monitor the device's movement and power state that can trigger an alarm. Anti-Theft will trigger an audible alarm and will even send email notifications with a photo of the unauthorized user and the current location of the device!

After installing Anti Theft , select a mode such as movement or charger disconnection. If someone moves your device or disconnects it from the charger a alarm will sound. The alarm will not stop until you disable it using your login pattern. It works even if your device is in silent mode! If you add an email address we will send notifications of your device's location to you! If a unauthorized user tries to unlock your device, we will send a picture of the user to your email, along with the location! 

Anti Theft is an absolute must have app if you frequently need to charge your device in a public area and need additional protection to stop theft!