ShakeToUnlock - Application


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Updated January 31, 2018
Version 1.08
APK Size 1.7MB
Requires 4.1 and up
Installs 1,000+

Use sensors to lock\unlock the screen in an easy and immediate way.

Particularly useful for those who have a non-original cover or a broken power button.

Limited battery consumption.

********* PROXIMITY SENSOR' *********

LOCK - Goodbye involuntary actions while the device is in yout pocket.

UNLOCK- You won't have to press the power to unlock the phone!

LOCK AND UNLOCK - The cover will work as a switch, while with a gesture it is possible to invert the screen state.
The power button will be active to allow you to see notifications through a transparent cover.

Warning: A magnetic cover that already supports interaction with the screen may interfere with this app.

********* ACCELEROMETER *********

LOCK - Are they going to detect you while using your cellphone? With a quick movement of the hand the screen will turn off without waking up suspicious! - recommended intermediate sensitivity.

UNLOCK When you take the device from the table, the screen immediatly turns on so you can check the notifications - maximum sensitivity recommended.