EPS-ToPIK Reading - Application

EPS-ToPIK Reading

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Updated February 23, 2019
Version 1.0
APK Size 22MB
Requires 4.1 and up

Can learn up to 200 questions Free. The ability to purchase all the remaining questions. APK file size is less than 24 Mb.

The EPS-ToPIK Reading App translating the original question 960 exercises planned and easily trained.

Original Question 960 sans audio. Because of the training of the ability to read. But this App is also trained to listen add Google Text To Speech software.

Your phone, you must install the Google Text To Speech.  Korea if necessary, with the sound, you can hear by clicking the text Exercise.

Note. . This question, together with 960 photos add a translation for some Korean words yet. We will add Version Update. Translation errors. His weakness. An error can be detected, with a pointed suggestion.

You can easily remember the training exam with high marks and let them keep it.