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3DStation - Seoul

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Updated February 23, 2019
Version 4.3
APK Size 46M
Requires 4.1 and up

** Top-10 app for city residents of 2013 **
'3D subway - Seoul' is a service to guide the inside of subway station by 3D modeling of subway station in Seoul and metropolitan area.

[3D History Guide]
- Three-dimensional route guidance, simulated driving (distance, time, calories)
- Shortest route guidance for a specific exit or transfer
- In-house facilities (toilet, ATM, automatic color, storage room, complaint issuance)
- Providing optimal route to go to the ground using the accumulated data
- Use my map to set my location (* only Suwon station)
- Provide inquiry of safety facilities in history (* only Suwon station)
- 360 degree images of each exit (* will be updated later)
?* Dual channel cardboard view in landscape mode and panorama view in portrait mode

[Various language support]
- Service in various languages ??including Korean, Chinese and English (* will be updated later)

[Provide accurate timetable]
- Accurate timetable data using official data of Seoul Transportation Corporation
- Full support for weekdays, Saturdays, and holidays

[Easy route search support]
- If you do not know the location of the station you are looking for, the reverse search function is supported (*
- Simple route to the destination

[App Reorganization]
- Support for latest version of Android (7.0)
- Updated 3D delivery history
??* Added 30 new history (Gongdeok Station, Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station, Sindorim Station, Wangsimri Station, Yongsan Station, etc.)
??* Updated 20 recent DB and model updates (Gangnam Station, Express Bus Terminal, Gwanghwamun Station, Dongdaemun Station, Seolleong Station, Jamsil Station, etc.)

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