iNoty - iNotify OS 10 - Application

iNoty - iNotify OS 10

Software Version : 1.0
Software File Size : 12MB
Requires Android : 4.1 and up
Play Store Updated : October 24, 2018

You can't buy íphòné 6s and you want style of OS10 design ?
You want use inoty íós 10 of android with style os 10 phone?
Can are you using Android phone but you use some features of OS 10? 

iNoty style OS 10 is the perfect combination of inoty (lock screen notification of os 10, ilauncher, control panel, control center) and iControl (Control Panel os 10 theme íphòné). You will have the experience to be using OS10 with inoty. 

This is free and best notifications OS10 application for android device. iNoty stle os 10 help you get the cool OS10 notifications center to make your android phone have notifications center will have theme íphòné íòs 10. This app bring themes for íós 10 on your android phone. Help you have notification center style OS 10 on your android device but you don't know what is best OS iNoty app for Android
This app show control everything and show all iNoty style OS 10 in your android phone with new style, theme phone, smooth and design from ilauncher, iNotify, control panel, control center will bring you to a new experience.  
iNoty style OS 10 have lots of features : 
❖  Setting what notification you want to show with inoty (or inotify) os 10
❖  Customize your own inoty os10
❖  Display Carrier , Battery percent , network connection ....
❖  iNoty full version (free for all)
❖ iControl function of iNoty – inotify OS 10
❖  Quick search apps with search bar style ilauncher os 10
❖  From menu setting bar : open settings android, change airplane mode,
❖  Show missed call notification, you can call or sms back with one tap
❖  Design cardboard notification style íós 10, very beautiful and easy control
❖  Notifications center to show the notify you received like style OS10.
❖  Show today and notifications info.
❖  Custom notification bar like os 10 with iNoty style OS 10.
❖ Blur background HD wallpapers 
❖ Display new inoty information ( title , description , icon ... )
❖ Display calendar , inoty events, note information
❖ Support Notification Lock Screen OS10
❖ Support Control Panel , Smart control OS 10
❖ iNoty – inotify style OS 10 show tomorrow event to remind you of what to do tomorrow.
❖ Show event note next from your current time.
❖ Show weather forecast realtime.
❖ iNoty support set time 12h or 24h format.
❖ More beautiful and smooth look like theme íós 10.
❖ Show carrier, signal strength and wifi signal look like theme os 10
❖ The information and alert showing on the Notification center like on os 10.
❖ Show battery percent, time date, carrier wave.
❖ Blur background, simple flat design.
❖ Download background hd beautiful, and custom background iNoty
❖ Small size but powerful.
❖ Smooth animation style inoty on íphònè.
❖ Not only show notification but also this app change notify become very beauty.
Remember, you will can settings everything inoty to conformity you want.

❖ iNoty – inotify ỉỌS 10 support quick setting with Turn on/off wifi, mobile data, Bluetooth, flash light, orientation, control panel, control center
❖ Swipe down to open notification to check notify.
❖ Swipe to appear inoty or event calendar for tomorrow, feature,...
❖ Show today and notifications info.
❖ Toggle for Data Connection
❖ Toggle for Portrait Orientation Lock
❖ Toggle turn on/off flashlight
❖ Toggle for Airplane Mode
❖ Toggle for Silent mode
❖ Toggle for Bluetooth
❖ Toggle for Battery saver
❖ Toggle for brightness 
❖ Toggle for location
❖ Toggle for Wi-Fi

Tutorials for you : 
- Turn On/Off iNoty style OS 10
- Turn on the inoty 10 icon. 
- Enjoy your new notification center.
Feedback to us your feel to help us improve this app,
Thanks so much.