HANPASS Remittance - Application

HANPASS Remittance

Software Version : 6.6.49
Software File Size : 17MB
Requires Android : 4.1 and up
Play Store Updated : January 17, 2019

HANPASS – Easiest remittance service. Send it your way!

HANPASS provides easy and fast overseas remittance service.
It is easier than you expect.
HANPASS made the complex and difficult overseas remittances process simpler with just ONE TOUCH!

* Easy, Fast, and Reasonable service charge!
*Overseas remittance service available anytime, anywhere!

- Real-time exchange rate and remittance amount can be checked based on international exchange rate.
- Supports various payment methods including Cash Pickup, Bank Transfer, Cash Card, Door to Door and more.
- Transaction details and account registration status can be viewed.

- One PIN Security! You can register multiple accounts and send money securely.

● Save time and money with HANPASS
- Send money 24/7, 365 days
- Cheaper than banks
- Supports multi-language in 6 countries (Korean, English, Filipino, Nepali, Bahasa Indonesia, Khmer)

● Contact HANPASS 
- Tel: (02) 1522-0767 (Weekdays 10:00 - 21:00 / Weekends 10:00 - 18:00)
- Email: Support@hanpass.com

● Permissions required for using HANPASS app
HANPASS app uses these permissions only for service operations and security enhancements:
- Telephone: Contact Customer Center
- Camera: ID Capture 
- Photo: Access Captured ID
- Location: Prevention of fraudulent enrollment and detection of fraudulent transactions

* Some permissions are not always required to use the service.

● Contact HANPASS
- Customer Center: (02) 1522-0767
- Address: 92, Achasan-ro, Seongdong-gu, Gwangmyung Tower 4th Floor, Seoul, Republic of Korea