VMate -Your Best Video Tube Mate& Video Downloader - Application

VMate -Your Best Video Tube Mate& Video Downloader

Software Version :  1.92
Software File Size : 20M
Requires Android :  4.0.3 and up

Play Store Updated :  18 December 2018

VMate is a video editor / video downloader with thousands of funny videos platform. 

With a variety of editing features such as clips, stickers, filter magic stickers and more, your videos are sure to grab everyone’s attention on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. A new, full background music library helps you select music that suits your personality.

※ Video editing and shooting ※ 
VMate comes with a series of editing tools that allow you to quickly and easily complete video editing. The following are the features provided by VMate: 
☆1. Video editing tool: Choose from tools such as video clips, crops, and local uploads. It also supports the addition of music to video, flashback and rewind timeline effects. The design of these tools is simple and easy to use, allowing you to easily complete video editing. 
☆ 2. Video shooting effect: VMate offers easy to use and fantastic shooting tools such as self-timer, countdown shooting, and more. You can also use the fast/slow shooting function to choose the best video speed for you.
☆ 3. New trendy video camera: With the shoot-stop-shoot technique, shoot interesting short films with plots without any break in music or your video plan.

※ More special effects 
※ Make your videos rich and entertaining with these features: 
☆ 1. Filter: We have provided dozens of cool filters to help you express emotions with video. 
☆ 2. Smart beauty. The beauty effect created for India, so you look more photogenic. 
☆ 3. Sticker and magic expression: Rich video stickers, and magic expressions based on facial recognition, make your video interesting.
☆ 4. Music library: You can choose video background music from the latest and most complete music library, or upload your own music. 
☆ 5. Video Sharing: You can share your video through Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other modes of your preference at any time.

※The VMate Community※ 
VMate is also a friendly and active video sharing community: 
☆1. Discover and be the first to see: Follow your favorite creators and be the first to see their videos.
☆2. Love and be loved: Make great videos and get love from the community. Shower your praise on other people's excellent works.
☆ 3. Comment. Post your opinion and interact with fellow video creators.