1 Photo Video Maker 1.1 APK - Application

1 Photo Video Maker 1.1 APK

Create videos from a single photo on the video or without any sound. 
1 Photo Video Maker lets you: 
1. Make video from photos alone without sound and for interval you want. 
2. Movie Maker with a photo and your voice. 
3. Photo movie as a sound file for the video in an audio file. 
Video Maker lets you create single photo pictures. Want to convert an audio file to video? This application converts an audio file into a video that you can share on video sharing sites. 

1 Photo Video Maker Easy to Use: 
1. Select the photo from the gallery or from the new photo of the movie. 
2. Add sound to video with photo, select audio file from your photo (such as MP3) or record as voice for the photo.
3. Instead of adding words you can create a video without video, select bandwidth bandwidth. 
4. Save and share photo videos created with friends and family 
Easily create MP3s in videos and photos on videos with 1 photo video maker.